Hello I'm Tej Bains, a Global Digital Designer based in Norway.

My areas of specialities spans from digital design, digital experiences, UI, UX, digital brand identity, art direction, concept development, creative thinking and design craftsmanship.

My work is driven by my passion, my curiosity and my dedication to deliver custom cohesive solutions that will satisfy my clients' and their audiences needs and surpass business goals. On this site you can view some of the projects I have designed and developed over the past 12 years for a wide range of global clients.

Tej Bains

Digital Designer

I'm a Norwegian Multi-faceted Digital Designer & Art Director with over 12 years of experience who loves bringing visions to life.

I started my career at a young age working on interactive projects for multi-national Scandinavian companies. As I finished my contracts I established a small freelance company, allowing myself to pursue a bachelors degree while continuing to refine my design and development skills.

With an unquestioning passion for design, creativity & art, I was able to grow as a designer and developer, and refine my abilities to a unique perspective. I'm a firm believer that design is truly about problem solving and making people's lives better.

My curiosity led me to deeply know and work in different areas and markets: from fashion to corporate, mobile to desktop, and microsites to brand platforms. I love pretty much everything digital.

As a design leader, I seek to own creative excellence at every touch-point. I'm a passionate student of real-world design, users, consumers, trends, competitors and culture. Through listening, learning and mining insights, I fight for work that directs my client's brand into amazing places.

I've pitched, won and led numerous global projects over my career, and have been fortunate to travel and experience different cultures and continents when im working with my clients on-site as well as remote.

I'm also active across collaborations; startups, special projects and personal projects. If you'd like to get in touch about anything feel free to get hold of me via my contact page.

Always pushing to make beautiful digital experiences infused with emotion and executed with excellence.

Few brands I have worked with

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